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    Kelly Cooper
    SCM – Top 10 Reasons You May Not Need an MES, 4 June 2019, 9...
    Topic posted May 20, 2019 by Kelly CooperGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Manufacturing MDM, Manufacturing Analytics 
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    SCM – Top 10 Reasons You May Not Need an MES, 4 June 2019, 9 a.m. PT - Submit Questions

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    • Sachi Mohanty

      1. Can Start/Stop action on operation line be used to capture the hours clocked in an operation? If so, is resource instance record required for the specific employee who starts/Stops the operation?

    • Sivakumar Jayaraman

      Currently the start / stop is not linked to a clock in/ clock out functionality. The start / stop helps to know visually in the dispach list if an operation is running, stopped or started. You can also have an OTBI analysis of idle time, run time . You can get this at an operation level for non serial tracked and the analysis can be done at a parent serial number level for serial tracked assemblies.

      • Sachi Mohanty

        Implementing at Medical device Manufacturing Company-

        Requirement is to capture name of the employee who worked on specific operation including electronic signature.

        Multiple employees could be working on same operation.

        We are considering option of assigning resource instances (employee names) to resource codes. With this approach, 

        will the employee name get picked up based on login data?

        Will it capture employee name if employee only  started and stopped at operation without moving any quantity?



    • Balaji Duvaragamani

      Do you want to capture the employee name in Electronic Record that is generated while performing an operation transaction ?

      If so, the  logged in user name who did the transaction is capture in the electronic record, which is generated during approval process of an operation transaction.

      If the user just started and stopped the operation, then there won't be any approval process that would get triggered, but the the start and stop action can be captured by enabling audit.

    • Sachi Mohanty
      Thank you for the response. Current functionality is not allowing multiple operators to be clocked in. When is that functionality planned for release? Any suggested workaround until then?