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    Rory Chirmside
    Multiple Scheduled Processes
    Topic posted May 2, 2019 by Rory ChirmsideBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Financials, Receivables 
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    Multiple Scheduled Processes
    Running Multiple Scheduled Processes

    I have one ESS job (Create Receipt Remittance Batch) that I need to duplicate several times to cover multiple receipt methods. I'm scheduling these in advance so is it ok so set them to run all at the same time or should I space them out in increments?

    Thanks in advance

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    • Neelam Thakur

      I believe you should be ok scheduling them at the same time. I would hope that if the process is incompatible with itself, and you submit multiple instances of the process, the processes will automatically run sequentially. Each will run at a time, while others are in a "paused" status. Or it is possible that the process is not incompatible with self and designed well enough that several instances can run simultaneously.


      If neither of the other two scenarios happen, then there is a bug.




    • Rory Chirmside

      Thank you Neelam for the response. I'll report back if I encounter any issues when stacking the job times.

    • Kamrul Alom

      I believe you can schedule them without an issue. You could also lump the processes into a job set to pull them together and run the process.