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    Shakher Sharma
    Forum's Q&A not indexed by Google search
    Topic posted April 18, 2018 by Shakher SharmaGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Discussion Forums, Navigation, Search 
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    Forum's Q&A not indexed by Google search
    Forum's Q&A not indexed by Google search

    Unlike other Oracle forums, I believe questions and answers posted on are not indexed by Google, or other search engines. Search engines makes it easier for someone to quickly find answer to their queries. It also help bring more traffic to content provider. Does Oracle has any plan to make Q & A on this site to be available to public? 



    • Hemal Kapasi

      Hi Shakher,

      The content on this portal is private and is not available to users without login at this time. Private content is not visible to the search engines. The content will be searchable on web search engines only if we make it public. We do have some basic information available to the public when they visit the home page.

      Thank You

      • Shakher Sharma

        Thanks Hemal for your prompt reply!

        I believe Oracle must have had some good reasons to keep contents private. May I suggest to keep details gated, but at least let search engines know that there exists an answer to the query on this portal. I believe Oracle did something similar to contents recently. Without login, if I search for a problem, and if an Oracle support document exists for the problem, I can still see some details of the document without login, but not all. Next step is certainly to login to to view complete solution document. 

        Further, search on this portal don't work without login. Implementing solution similar to , and making search work without login (just result, not access to document), will help bring more awareness among community about and will also make it easier to search.