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    ODV cannot save project after...
    Topic posted August 14, 2019 by Mhathi , tagged Data Visualization 
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    ODV cannot save project after inactivity
    After some period of inactivity, pressing Save on a project gives error and it will not save


    Trialing Data Visualization Desktop Version on Windows 10.

    I have noticed that when the Desktop is open on the machine and I step out for lunch etc. and comeback, and I try to save the project, it gives the following error:

    An error was encountered while saving the project: Path not found: '\\?\C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\Temp\DVDesktop\servers\obips1\tmp\defaultpool\sawserver_21396_5d5427a9_2-1.tmp'
     Error Codes: QITMDW79:
     Location: saw.httpserver.request.soaprequest, saw.rpc.server.responder, saw.rpc.server, saw.rpc.server.handleConnection, saw.rpc.server.dispatch, saw.threadpool.socketrpcserver, saw.threads
     The system cannot find the path specified

    Not matter what I try, I cannot save (or save as) the changes unless I exit the tool completely and come back in but obviously my changes are lost. This has already happened twice and I am not sure if this is a systemic issue with the product or is it my setup (which is not unusual, just a windows 10 laptop)

    Any ideas/workarounds welcome. (Yes, I could save frequently, but that's not the point :)






    • Mhathi

      I have also encountered similar path not found error when trying to Create a Data set while uploading an Excel file:

      Path not found: '\\?\C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\Temp\DVDesktop\servers\obips1\tmp\dxe\sawserver_17956_5d599975_9-1.tmp'
      The system cannot find the path specified. 

      This also was observed after a period of inactivity with the ODV desktop. I had stepped out, came back, started the data set creation process and while previewing data, I got the above error.

      Any idea why this is happening?