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    Maullin Shah
    Complex PO in Oracle ERP Cloud
    Topic posted January 11, 2018 by Maullin ShahBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged How-To 
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    Complex PO in Oracle ERP Cloud
    Complex PO in Oracle ERP Cloud

    Hello All,

    We have implemented Oracle ERP Cloud - Procurement and Financials.  Also, we are aware that Complex PO feature is not yet available.

    So, my question was how other customers are managing their process related to Complex PO in Oracle ERP cloud?

    Is there a workaround or PAAS solution or modifying standard Oracle Procure to Pay process to achieve the same?

    Thanks for your support.

    with regards, Maullin Shah



    • Manavalan Ethirajan


      Yes, Complex PO feature is not yet available in Cloud Procurement. However to help you better with a workaround, request you to provide your exact business use case. This will also help us to touch base with you, when we gather the requirements from different customers.

      Couple of suggestions:

      1. The workaround that many use would be to model the milestones after purchase order lines.

      2. Oracle Projects Portfolio Management Cloud can also be considered whether your use case can be met. (leverage project-task milestone based payments). You can refer  https://cloud.oracle.com/project-management-cloud

      As mentioned, please provide your use case to know which feature of services procurement (Progressive Payment, Retention, Recoupment, Advance, Work confirmation,etc) is needed.