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    ching siang neo
    Accessing and updating myProfile from backend API
    Topic posted October 2, 2018 by ching siang neo, tagged OMCE 
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    Accessing and updating myProfile from backend API
    Accessing myProfile from backend API

    Using req.oracleMobile.ums.getMe in the Oracle Mobile Cloud to get the login user profile from IDCS. But it is not retrieving the other attributes (e.g organization, cost center) from schema urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:enterprise:2.0:User or urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:idcs:extension:custom:User.

    req.oracleMobile.ums.updateUser also don't allow updates to the enterprise and custom attributes.

    Kindly advise what the other options to retrieve and update these attributes within the Oracle Mobile Cloud Backend.

    Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise 18.2.3



    • Frank Nimphius

      According to the documentation there is no access to extended properties

      For updating properties, the same document recommends the IDCS properties

      The equivalent call to ums.getMe in IDCS is