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    Surya G
    Standard Report - Process Options
    Topic posted March 12, 2019 by Surya GBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    Standard Report - Process Options
    Standard Report - Process Options


    When we try to run any Standard/seeded report, process options contains various options/LoV.  In that what is the use of the currency?

    Please see the attached screenshot.






    • Amar

      Hi -> This standard report lists unpaid invoices according to specified aging periods.

      Currency parameter LOV is to filter unpaid invoices upon currency.

      • Surya G


        As per Oracle, there is no Currency as a parameter and only the functional currency can be viewed in the report, and all the invoices which is unpaid will be listed out in the report.

        In simple, the Payables aging report will show only the output in the functional currency. 

        Is this parameter is meant for the Invoice Currencies?