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    Santosh Kumar
    Workday Adapter Integration Questions
    Topic posted April 26, 2018 by Santosh KumarSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited May 2, 2018 
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    Workday Adapter Integration Questions
    Workday Adapter Integration Questions

    I need help if someone has done any workday integration using the recently released workday adapter. Request you to share the same.

    Basically I am some queries regarding how to use the Workday adapter for (Report as a Service) RAAS .


    1) I am looking for what is the link between Monitor Integration Process and Download to ICS integration process. The documentation says "Select Download file generated by EIB integration as the integration operation. This operation downloads the file generated from the outcome of EIB execution. This operation requires the Workday drive location for the generated file that is available from the Monitor EIB Integration Progress operation. " But the response has lot many parameter but not specifically tell which response element will have Workday drive location.

    2) As per documentation , Stage file read  operation expects the file name and directory name to read the file. But the "Download file generated by EIB integration" does not have any parameter to download the file in particular directory in ICS. Question is how to file the correct directory name and file name from "Download file generated by EIB integration" operation and specify in stage read operation.

    Thanks in Advance.




    • Santosh Kumar

      Please find below the weblink.  Please note I am not referring to DownloadtoICS stage operation . Instead I am reffering the action provided by the Workday adaptor "Download file generated by EIB integration"

    • Santosh Kumar

      Attached is iar file. Please rename the file from zip extension to iar extension.

      Thanks for your help.

    • Shalindra Singh


      Please find the responses as below.

      1. You specify WD drive in connection not in the mapping. Documentation is stating that for your information  only. You don't need to map drive location.

      2. Response of download file operation does contain folder name and file name field to map to stage file.


      Shalindra Singh

    • Hemanth Lakkaraju

      Can you provide the link to documentation which you are referring to?


      Stage file read operation expects the file name and directory name to read the file.

      The directory name and file name should be same as those used while stage write/download to ICS is done prior to the read operation.

      ​ - Can you help on the other questions please?

    • Hemanth Lakkaraju

      Can you share the iar to look at the mappings once?

    • Shalindra Singh

      Did I answer your questions? if you have other questions please let me know.

    • Santosh Kumar

      I have just implemented the same but getting some error from Workday. We are fixing the issue. We will test it and let you know.

      Thanks for clarifying.