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    Hammam Mubaslat
    Need to enable Port Mirroring, how?
    Topic posted December 20, 2017 by Hammam Mubaslat, last edited December 21, 2017 
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    Need to enable Port Mirroring, how?
    Need to enable Port Mirroring, how?

    I want to be able to connect my local JDeveloper to a BPM instance I have on Ravello, so that I deploy applications right from my local JDev, in addition to this, I want to be able to access the consoles like workspace and BPM composer right from the explorer, not only from inside the OVM.



    • Simon Law

      Hi 2968561,

      Is it port mirroring that you need? If so, you can check out this blog​ and video on how to enable Port Mirroring on Ravello. If you find that the port mirroring checkbox is greyed out, and it says to contact support; you will need to log a support ticket via My Oracle Support and they will be able to help you out.

      I am not familiar with BPM, but from your description, it seems you want to be able to connect remotely from your local JDev to BPM running on Ravello. If so, you just need to add a supplied service and enable the port that you need to externalize, after that JDev should be able to connect to it using the Public IP or DNS of the VM shown on the Summary Tab.


    • Hammam Mubaslat

      Thanks a lot Simon, after playing a bit with the application that I’ve created, I came across the Add Service thing and it solved my problem, thanks once again J






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