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    Pathaksa Tongpitak
    Exposing File Attachment URLAnswered
    Topic posted September 16, 2011 by Pathaksa TongpitakSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited February 8, 2012 
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    Exposing File Attachment URL

    I'm trying to fetch the File Attachment URL of a Contact but it returns an empty value.

    However I do get a value when I fetch the ID.

    Am I missing something?

    Code Snippet:

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    Ryan McCullough

    Note in the documentation:

    That it says:

    NoteIn order to use the getAdminURL() method the initConnectAPI() has to be called using a valid username/password. For example: initConnectAPI('connect', 'connect');


    • Narendra Muttineni


      I am writing the custom process using process designer to integrate with the external system. The custom process will trigger after update the incident.  I am able to send all the details except fileattachment to external system. Later i used getAdminUrl() for fetching the attachment.

      I am trying to fetch the attachment in custom process using getAdminUrl(). While doing testing of the custom process i am getting the file Url, able to encode it into the base64 format and able to send the file to external system without any errors and getting the response from the external system.

      $fileattachment1 = $incident->FileAttachments[0]->getAdminUrl();

      but after deploy the custom process and create incident with attachment then its not communicate with the external system, i am not getting the response and incident was not saving with the updated field values. later i realised that the problem is with getAdminUrl() only.

      Can anyone please suggest how to bypass this one.

      please provide the correct syntax for fetching the attachment .

      Thanks in Advance..