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    Chris Pinto
    Ease of data entry
    Topic posted May 2, 2017 by Chris PintoBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Cash Management, Financials, General Ledger, Intercompany, Payables, Receivables 
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    Ease of data entry
    Easier data entry of accounting code combinations

    There can be 2 ways to tremendously improve the data entry speed and efficiency of the users while entering segment values, for example GL journal or an AP invoice (Both of these features exist in EBS):

    1) Restrict users from proceeding to enter the next segment's value if the current segment value is incorrect:

    Let's say there are three segments: Entity, Cost center and Accounts. If a value "99" is entered in the Entity segment which does not exist in the value set the system will allow me to proceed to enter the value for cost center. If an incorrect value is entered for cost center the system allows me to proceed to enter the value for Accounts and so on and so forth. The error only appears at the time of clicking Okay.

    Ideally, if an incorrect value is entered search screen should popup then and there before proceeding to enter the next segment's value. 

    2)   Simplified search for segment values:

    When entering segment values if a user is not sure of a segment value, but knows that it starts with "2" these are the steps he will undertake:

    a. Click on the down button

    b. Click on the search button

    c. Enter "2" in the value

    d. Click search

    Ideally, if the user is aware that it starts with 2 he or she should simply enter 2 and press tab, the system should open the search window which shows values that start with 2.


    These 2 points may not seem like much but go a long way in reducing data entry speed. Moreover, it makes the system user friendly and intuitive as well. 





    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      Totally agree with you Chris especially on the second one.
      I think it should be even more improved to be able to search the same way on segment value description. So lets say in the account you type: 'rent' and all account values with that value in description would be listed.

      I think this functionality exists in ADF framework and we had implemented it in custom environments on our custom screens.

      But definetely we need to improve account search functionality to be more intuitive.

      Should we raise this issue in idea labs if it is already not there?

      With respect

    • Chris Pinto

      Thanks guys for the feedback. I have added it to the idea lab under the same title.

    • David Haimes

      I would recommend you look into the shorthand account alias feature, this has features such as type ahead that will make data entry much faster and easier.