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    Priyanka Tiwari
    Can OFSC handle the Day Light Saving time by itself?
    Topic posted December 27, 2017 by Priyanka TiwariGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Can OFSC handle the Day Light Saving time by itself?


    The actual scenario can be explained by the below example

    "The resource address extract for OFSC currently does not recognize the subsets of time zones.  For example, Arizona is in the MST timezone, but doesn't participate in Daylight Savings time.  The extract only sends the timezone as MST.  This forces users to manually change the timezone on 100+ techs to PST every spring and back to MST every fall.  A timezone called "Arizona" was created in OFSC, but it is not useful since we are not sending "Arizona" from R12."

    Can OFSC handle it to consider MST as PST during the daylight saving period and MST during the non-daylight saving.

    Thanks in advance.

    Please provide your valuable comments on the above scenario.




    OFSC 17.8



    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Priyanka,

      If the time zone region has DST then OFSC automatically adjusts the time according to the timezones configured for the particular resource.

      The resource that are a part of the Arizona section that observe DST- use "(UTC-07:00) Denver - Mountain Time (MT)"

      For the other parts that donot oberve DST use "(UTC-07:00) Phoenix - Mountain Time (MT)"

      Hardik Gupta

    • Erica (Leep) Anderson

      Thanks for joining and posting your question, Priyanka! Just wanted to check in and see if Hardik's responses addressed your question. If so, can you mark his comment as the best answer?  It's an easy way to say 'thanks,' shows the value of the community, and creates higher value content in future search results. Win-win all around! Of course, if it didn't answer your question, feel free to update with a clarifying/follow-up question.

      And thanks for sharing your Field Service expertise to help others on their journey, Hardik!


      Erica, Oracle Service Cloud