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    Requisition Import from 3rd party Field service system
    Topic posted May 21, 2019 by MANISH KUMARBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Requisition Import, Requisition Processing, Requisition Web Services 
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    Requisition Import from 3rd party Field service system
    Requisition Import from 3rd party Field service system

    I need to understand the Requisition Import functionality and how can we import requisition from 3rd party field service system. These are the high level requirements:

    1. The Requisition should be created in incomplete status so that Controller has ability to modify it before it creates Purchase Order

    2. The Requisition should get appropriate BPA based on various condition e.g. need to have some custom logic to apply BPA ( because one BPA for Min-Max and other for manual requisition)

    3. The Buyer assignment should happen based on buyer assignment rule or org-item rule






    • Mara Prieto

      Hi Manish,

      This link will give you access to our whitepaper on requisition import:

      Regarding your questions:

      1. Supported - you can create approved and incomplete requisitions

      2. You can provide a BPA number with the requisition import details so the system does not automatically source it. I don't know how you intend to create the requisition. But if you intend to have some program that generates the payload and calls our Web Service, then your program can obtain the BPA as well. The BPA needs to be open, not expired and match the item.

      3. Supported. The buyer is assigned based on the buyer assignment rules

      Hope this helps