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    How does the system assign a buyer on a requisition...
    Topic posted November 19, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Requisition Processing 
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    How does the system assign a buyer on a requisition converted to an order
    Buyer Assignment hierarchy on a requisition converted to an order


    I do hope this brief article helps clarify the logic of how the system computes a buyer for a given requisition line when converting to a purchase order


    A buyer is a mandatory element of a purchase order. If one does not exist, neither does a purchase order. If a requisition cannot determine a valid buyer, the requisition is placed in the Process Requisitions queue for the buyer (with the appropriate access) to review said requisitions and help create an order.


    In Self Service Procurement, you can add a suggested buyer as a requester. I have covered this facet in a different customer connect article. (Please review that for context).

    If a suggested buyer is not entered, then the system's logic kicks in. Now you can review buyer assignment logic for two different kinds of items:

    A) A master item defined in inventory without a backing agreement:

    For such items, the system will first try to source the buyer from the item definition using the attribute 'Default Buyer'. If one is not prescribed in the item definition, additional logic kicks similar to the master item that has a backing agreement. See below.

    B) A master item or a description-based item with a backing agreement:


    i) First resolve using buyer assignment rules

    ii) If buyer assignment rules cannot derive a valid buyer, then use the buyer if defined in the attribute 'Buyer', on the configuration page: Configure Procurement Business Function

    iii) If there is no buyer available in ii) above, then the requisition line will not be stamped with a buyer.

    NOTE: The same hierarchy defined in B) also applies to A) above.

    So the next time you find a requisition in the Process Requisitions queue because there is no buyer assigned, you know what to research.