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    Manuel Zuñiga
    OTM Business Process Model
    Topic posted July 2, 2019 by Manuel Zuñiga, tagged GTM, Transportation Management 
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    OTM Business Process Model
    OTM Business Process Model


    I would like to know if anyone have some Business Process Model diagram, I need to undertand the standard process models that are being implemented.



    OTM 6.4.2



    • Karl Baker

      From a product documentation perspective we do not generate or maintain a set of BPMs for OTM and GTM - we do, however, generate and maintain a large (and expanding) set of How To/Configuration Topics in Help which provide the standard configuration for setting up OTM and GTM to solve common business use cases and scenarios.

      OTM How To/Configuration Topics

      • Setting up OTM
      • Bulk Plan Performance and Tuning
      • Business Number Generator
      • Order Management
      • Promote to Production (P2P) Process
      • Messages
      • Configuring the User Interface
      • Tips and Troubleshooting
      • About Client Session Management
      • About Grouping Location Resources
      • About Oracle Transportation Mobile
      • About OTM Sending Hazmat Information to External Distance Engines
      • About Sending Equipment Dimensions to External Distance Engines
      • About Service Providers Accessing Workbench
      • Adding and Applying US HOS Rules
      • Allocation of Costs and Assigning General Ledger Codes
      • Configuring a Fuel Surcharge
      • Configuring an External Web Service Engine
      • Configuring and Processing a Credit Check
      • Configuring European VAT
      • Configuring and Using Rate Preferences
      • Configuring OTM to Integrate with Kewill Flagship Parcel Rates
      • Configuring Shipment Groups
      • Configuring Tiered Rating
      • Configuring VAT Components
      • Creating Agents for Report Sets
      • Creating an Automation Agent
      • Creating a Calendar
      • Creating a Multistop Order
      • Creating Canadian Postal Codes
      • Creating Rates for Zones
      • Creating Saved Queries
      • Generating Shipping Forms
      • How to Assign General Ledger Codes
      • How To Configure Conditional ing
      • How to Configure Cross-Docks and Pools
      • How To Configure Dispatch Level Tendering
      • How to Configure Shipment Depot Stops
      • How To Create a Rule 11 Shipment
      • How To Receive Migration Project Export Packages via Email and FTP
      • How To Set Up and Execute Cooperative Routing Aggregation
      • How To Set Up Milestone Templates and Monitors
      • How To Set Up Notifications for Additional Contacts for Tender Events
      • How To Set Up SMS Text Messaging
      • How To Enable the Use of Parameterized Saved Queries
      • How To Use an XML Template
      • How to Settle an Invoice
      • How to Set Up an SMC Rate
      • Index Based Accessorial
      • Logistics Network Modeling Overview
      • Purge Actions
      • Settling a Bill
      • Setting Up Interfaces for Integration
      • Sending Messages to the Message Center
      • Spot Bid Tenders Configuration
      • Using Advanced Layouts
      • Using Maps
      • TI How To/Configuration Topics
        • Using Transportation Intelligence for an End User
        • How to Define a Default Dashboard in Transportation Intelligence
        • How to Provide Access 

      Flow Topics

      • Conditional Booking Process Flow
      • Demurrage Flow
      • Network Routing Flow
      • Order Movement Build Shipment Process
      • Order Release Equipment
      • Order Release Flow
      • Rate Maintenance Process Flow

      GTM How To/Configuration Topics

      • Restricted Party Screening
      • Landed Cost Simulator
      • Implementation of EAR Control Process in GTM
      • License Screening
      • Duty and Tax Calculation on Trade Transaction or Declaration
      • Landed Cost Estimation on Trade Transaction or Declaration
      • AES Export Declaration Filing Process
      • Trade Content Download
      • Oracle Transportation Management-Global Trade Management Integration
      • Trade Compliance Management
      • How to Use Sanctioned Territory Screening in GTM
      • Configuring and Processing Declarations
      • Product Classification Process
      • Supplier Solicitation