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    Select One LOV in edit page
    Topic posted November 12, 2019 by vijay.kekane Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited November 13, 2019, tagged Business Objects 
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    Select One LOV in edit page
    Select One field does not populate value in edit page

    Added HTML of edit page.

    Hi There,

    I followed simple steps in apps related to select one field, which shows LOV based on local VBCS BO,

    1) Create BO in VBCS (customers) and populate it with data.

    2) Create Save page. It save data into another VBCS BO (SubsidiaryLedger). Save page has Select(One) type field called customerNumber. It shows lov based on customers BO. LOV shows expected values and populate VBCS BO field (customerNumber) in SubsidiaryLedger successfully.

    3) Edit page is created to edit records created above. This page also has Select(One) type field and shows lov based on customers BO.My problem is when edit page is loaded, it does not show value in customerNumber field.

    I have main page which list all records and navigate to create or edit. I can navigate to edit page from main page after selecting record (standard functionality). I can see this value in Input Text type field but, not in Select(One) on edit page.

    Not sure if q parameter is solution but, I tried to use it in customersListSDP (used for LOV) page level variable but, it does not work.

    Any idea how to make it show value in edit page using Select(One) type field?






    • Shay Shmeltzer

      What's the value property of the the list set to? What's the HTML of your edit page?

      Do you see the value of the field being returned from the REST call in the browser's network tab when you open the edit page?

    • vijay.kekane

      1) Value property:$page.variables.subsidieryLedger.customerAccount (like other fields on screen)

      2) I will upload HTML of edit page (uploaded EditPageHTML.html)

      3) I see correct value in Customer(Text) field, so page is getting correct value. I also made sure both customer fields has same value property.