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    Elizabeth Mitchell
    Invoice approvals at line level
    Topic posted September 11, 2019 by Elizabeth Mitchell 
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    Invoice approvals at line level
    Need line approvals for PO matched invoices

    Our company receives some invoices without the PO number clearly stated and we have been holding them outside of the system until a PO number is known and then we enter the invoice with the PO at the header level.  We would like to enter all invoices into our system for tracking whether a PO number is given or not.  Once we get the PO number, we will go back in and match the line to the correct PO/Receipt.  When I test this functionality, I am getting approval workflow errors.  Is this functionality available and able to be used in R13?  Can someone provide me with instructions of how the autoapproval rule should be written for the invoice line and if there are any other areas that I need to change within the system?  We currently have an auto approval rule for the Header approval that works without issue and I'd like to apply this at the line level.  Any invoices that are not against a PO are currently and will still be entered with a requester in the header and routed to the correct business unit for approval.




    • Amjad Mohar

      Hi Beth,

      This feature/function works very well for us - more or less we process our Invoice the same way as you are doing it... the way we are approving is 

      1. we have created a Invoice Approval rule, where the 'If' statement like " if the Invoice Header PO Number 'isn't' null - then we have set the Auto Action to " APPROVE" - see the attach screen shot.
      2. then we have scheduled the "Initiate Invoice Approval workflow" that run overnight, this process - this process initiate the approve process for all the Validated Invoice, and if the Invoice has the PO it will gets approved. we do this way, because our PO matched invoice don't require a physical approval again as it has done on the PR/PO level

      not quite sure setting the rule at the line level...?

    • Elizabeth Mitchell

      Thank you for the information. Right now, all PO matched invoices are still going through an "auto approval".  I've attached a document showing how we are currently configured at the header level.  If we do not need to run PO matched invoices through the approval process, because the PO is already approved, please let me know what modifications to make.