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    Sudarshan Sharma
    Master Details relationship Using Business objectsAnswered
    Topic posted August 5, 2019 by Sudarshan SharmaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Action Flows, Business Objects, UI 
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    Master Details relationship Using Business objects


    I am trying to create a Master child relationship using Employee Department table. I created Department to Employee (One to Many) relationships and on UI i have created a department table on one page and Employees table on another page (Both pages are in Same flow).

    Now i am trying to define filter based on selected Department from the first page to get All employees associated with the selected department on another page, but unable to define this filter. Can anyone guide me with the steps to achieve the same.


    VBCS Version 19.1.3




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    John Ceccarelli



    • John Ceccarelli

      • Sudarshan Sharma

        thanks, john for your response it helped me to achieve my requirement. In my case, I had two separate pages so I just created a Flow level variable and assign value to that variable from the main page and then used that as criteria on the details page.