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    Krisana (Serena) Tantivitoon
    "Edit" user information in August 2015 version of...
    Topic posted December 6, 2015 by Krisana (Serena) TantivitoonSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points 
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    "Edit" user information in August 2015 version of Community?


    Oracle Apps Customer Connect community was migrated from the Feb 2015 version of the Community to the Aug 2015 version of the Community in late October. I am told that even as of early September (prior to the migration), a Super Admin was able to change the email associated with a member within the Community. But, recently, a Super Admin tried to change the email of another member (she has a new married name hence a “new” email) but wasn’t able to. I am told that there used to be an “Edit” button for a Super Admin to be able to change that info. There doesn’t appear to be one anymore.

    Could it be that we are missing something? Or, is there another way we can achieve the same result? Or, did this functionality get stripped out of the Aug 2015 Community version?

    If this functionality did indeed get stripped out, would the best way to still be able to associate all this user's content back with herself is to create a new account in CX with her "new" email and once the Community is populated with that new profile, we have to do an edit metadata to move all her content from old account to the new one?






    • Matthew Lees

      Hi, Serena - Unlike the rest of Oracle Service cloud, the Community product is "single release," which means that all communities are on the same release, with upgrades happening automatically each quarter. So the upgrade you're referring to would have been an upgrade to Service Cloud (aka RightNow CX). There were no changes to the Community product between February and August that would have had an impact like what you describe, so perhaps something changed on the CX side with the upgrade from 15.2 (February 2015) to 15.8 (August 2015), or maybe with a relevant customization (SSO)?

      But With a community that is integrated / merged with a CX site, I'd expect the email address to be managed from the CX side, via the agent console. Can you access the person's contact record through the console, and perhaps change it there?

      - Matthew