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    Stacee Patterson
    Segregation of Duties Matrix | ERP Modules
    Topic posted November 11, 2019 by Stacee PattersonBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Security 
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    Segregation of Duties Matrix | ERP Modules
    Segregation of Duties Matrix | ERP Modules

    Do any Fusion Cloud Users have a recommendation on a Segregation of Duties matrix layout that they have built or found useful reports to run within the IT Security console? We are looking to review all role assignments currently in place for our ERP users. Example is attached. Appreciate any input. Thanks!






    • Philippe Latouche

      We are having the same question Stacee! Specially for Financial and Procurements.

    • Sylvain Lemay CPA CA

      We have the same requirements for Financials. For now we have build something external of Oracle to detail what are the main functions within a role and from this we review if the users could be assign those roles. 

      This would be great to have something built in or what other customers have done to meet this requirement

    • Federico Samyn Dowie

      We are looking at some external specialized ERP risk mitigation partners that can help us with a ruleset (or baseline). Too much work and time doing this in-house. 

      Any experiences working with third parties for this?



    • Jyothi Padala

      We need this too for our external audit. Hope Oracle will build some layout matrix or report. Keep us posted.