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    Paresh Shah
    Compliance Screening at Pick Release
    Topic posted July 24, 2019 by Paresh Shah, tagged Compliance Rules and Screening, Integration 
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    Compliance Screening at Pick Release
    How to perform compliance screening at the pick release

    During the " SCM – OTM & GTM 19C Overview" webinar on 7/16/2019 it was mentioned that compliance screening can be done at pick confirm.

    We are implementing Oracle SCM cloud with GTM. Based on Oracle SCM cloud implementation guide compliance screen is possible only after shipment is confirm picked (staged).

    We have a requirement to perform screening just at pick release. Order lines selected by pick release program should go to GTM for trade compliance screening before order line is released in the Oracle SCM cloud.

    Can someone clarify whether this is feasible or not.




    • Maria Matheny

      Hi Paresh - 

      Please refer to the Oracle SCM Cloud Shipping release readiness - here is the link to the page.  Look in Inventory and Cost Management Release 17B -17D.  Then under Release Readiness > Shipping: Outbound Integration for Transportation and Trade Management.  Here is the link to the handout.  Please refer to page 13 of the handout that talks about screening the lines at pick release. 

      Please let us know if you still have questions.


    • Paresh Shah

      Thanks Maria for the update.

      Reference document describes functionality to screen shipment lines which are staged. Where in the SCM – OTM & GTM 19C Overview" webinar on 7/16/2019 it was mentioned that in Release 19 B/19C it will be possible to screen shipment at the pick release.

      I am looking for additional details related to this enhancement.

    • Maria Matheny

      Hi Paresh - 

      The Shipping product (which is part of the SCM Inventory Cloud product) is responsible for this functionality and the capabilities that they support to call GTM for screening.  There is some flexibility along the lines of what is in the documentation referenced.  Detailed information as to what is supported on the Shipping side of the process should be asked with that team. Please reenter your question to the Inventory Forum.  

      Regards, Maria 

    • Daniel Schoerner

      HI! I've moved this to the Logistics > Inventory forum for further discussion.