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    Vi Giout
    Sharing activities between technicians
    Topic posted May 20, 2019 by Vi GioutBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Dispatch Functionally, Mobility / Mobile Apps, Resource Management 
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    Sharing activities between technicians

    Apart from the route assigned to each technician we would like to have a pool of low priority activities common to all the technicians of the group. They should be visible and available to all so whenever technicians have the time or pass by a certain region they can check them, pick one and start it.

    Do you have any ideas on how we could implement that?

    There is one idea about having a different bucket for all these low priority activities, visible to all resources. But I think that this wont be very practical to switch back and forth between technicians route and the bucket. Also I dont see a way to see the technician's route and the other bucket's activities on the same map view. 

    We were also checking the teamwork functionality but as far as I understand it, this is something that is done by the dispatcher and has to do with a specific activity only. 



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Vi,

      I think shared bucket is a good idea, because they aren't need to check activities there too often and other peoples are also able to assign activities from there. On Mobility, technicians can switch a different layer on the map to show unscheduled activities and move one for themselves.


      • Vi Giout

        Hi Zsolt. Thanks for your suggestion. What I meant with the map is that technicians will either be seeing their own map or the bucket map. They wont be able to see both of them in the same time. Isnt that right?

        • Zsolt Tolgyesi

          Maybe you are right and this is not possible sad, (just if he sit in that bucket and can select hierarchically view).

          • Vi Giout

            I am thinking that if this technician sits in that bucket then all of them will have to as well. And every technician will be able to see everyone else. This is not something we would like to do.

            I tried the following:

            We are using application screens in place of legacy manage. I assigned an additional bucket to the visibility of a technician. I assigned an activity (with coordinates) to the tech route and one as non scheduled to the bucket. I went to the technician Maps View (not the one from the technician's route but from the management view). I am able to select layers to see both the tech route and resources of the bucket (shouldnt have any). But activities of the bucket itself are not visible.

            I will probably post that as an idea and see how it goes.

            Thank you Zsolt for your help.

    • Vi Giout