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    Gagan Jindal
    Roles required for editing PO during approval
    Topic posted April 17, 2019 by Gagan JindalRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Approvals, How-To, Orders, Setup 
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    Roles required for editing PO during approval
    Approver needs to edit PO for auto-submitted PR-backed POs

    The business case is that the finance approvers for a PO need to change the incorrectly put expenditure type on the PO distribution lines. The PO arrives to them only at the time of approval. Many POs are also auto generated, which means that they do not have any buyer's intervention. 

    Now, if the approver rejects the PO, it shall be the Buyer's onus to make changes on it. Since buyers do not take responsibility of automatically generated POs from PRs (those generated with reference to a BPA or already negotiated with supplier), rejecting a PO to buyer for changes would create a conflict. Furthermore, the signed off business process at the customer requires the Finance PO approvers to make appropriate changes on the PO when PO is automatically created from a backing PR. 

    Please suggest the required roles/privileges to be given to a finance approver so he/she can edit a PO. Do we need to setup every finance approver as a buyer in this case as well? 

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    • Suman Guha

      There's no approver edit capability for Purchase Orders.

      Approvers have the ability to edit Purchase requisitions in their queue.

      For your use case that to me seems to be the right point in the process.The approver should intervene before the requisition moves to approved status with the incorrect data and into procurement's processing queue. 

    • Alan

      What is the suggested best practice if the Finance approver does not edit the PR to put in the correct coding and just approvers the PR blindly. Would it best practice to have the "Buyer" help update the created PO or should the requester or requisitioner initiate a Change Order to make the update?