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    Category and Disposition Link Order
    Topic posted October 25, 2017 by Todd Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Category and Disposition Link Order

    We are enabling both linking and have quite a few redundant Categories and Dispositions but want them in different order.  For example, we have Category Payment that will be linked to several Products but we would like to prefer the order of how it is displayed in console drop down as well as the way we display on the portal.  In testing when we do this and link Payment to many Products for Product A it may show as #3 in the list along with other options that are also linked and for Product B it will show as #6 in that list along with the other linked options.  So we are trying to have the flexibility to display Payment in any order we wish.  I realize that I can probably drag/drop the categories around but it will always change the order of other ones.  Am I forced to enter Payment multiple times and link separately in order to achieve this?





    • Tasha Sylvester


      Can you share a few screenshots or create mockups of what you are seeing vs. what you want to do?

      I want to be sure it is clear what your need is and a visual would help.