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    Zoë Read
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Opt-In Features with Expiry Dates
    Topic posted June 19, 2019 by Zoë ReadSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited June 26, 2019, tagged Configuration, Financials, Setup / Administration 
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Opt-In Features with Expiry Dates
    Some Opt-In Features introduced since Update 19B have expiry dates, be aware that at this point they will become automatically enabled and you may need to prepare for this

    Opt-In Features allow you to uptake functionality at a time that suits you.

    This post is to advise that some Financials Opt-In features introduced in Updates 19B and 19C have an expiration date as future functionality depends on them. When the Opt-In Expiry date is reached, these features will automatically be opted-in as part of the update. You need to be aware of these and plan for them, as they may affect your users even if you did not actively opt-in to that feature.

    The attached document contains information on all Financials and Accounting Hub Opt-In features that are due to become automatically enabled in future updates, so that you can plan for them within the timescales given. Once a feature is automatically opted-in, you may still need to take additional setup or configuration steps to enable the feature. If you do not perform these additional steps, the feature will be opted-in automatically but you will not be able to use it.

    Please don’t ignore this – it is important and might well affect you.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add them as replies to this post. 

    With thanks, 

    Zoë - Oracle Financials Strategy



    • Sylvain Lemay CPA CA

      Thanks for this information!

      Is this only for 19B, 19C or this methodology will apply for all future release?

      Thanks again

    • Zoë Read

      The Opt-In Expiry model is expected to apply for future releases - we will update this document every time there is a new release to include the most recent Opt-In features with expiration.