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    Konstantinos Skouras
    Insights Retrainer and "Try it out" add as...
    Topic posted May 21, 2019 by Konstantinos SkourasGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Bots, Conversational AI, Virtual Assistant 
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    Insights Retrainer and "Try it out" add as utterance the phrase used by the user in a foreign language, instead of the English Translation.
    Insights Retrainer and "Try it out" add in Intent 's utterances the phrase in the language used by the user, instead of the translated one.


    I am building a bot, in Greek and in English. It is the same bot and uses a Translation Service for Greek. 

    As far as I understand, the bot uses the translation in English to match it with the utterances from the Intents (Trainer Ht.)

    However, both the "Try it out!", as well as the Retrainer in the Insights, when you "Add the Example" in an Intent, add the Greek phrase used by the user, as an utterance. Shouldn't the translation in English be added instead? 

    Will the Trainer be trained correctly if the utterance is added in Greek or should I change the added utterance manually in English?

    Version 19.1.3-1902192355