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    Moon Ray Lo
    Downtime Handling in OIC
    Topic posted August 3, 2018 by Moon Ray LoSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Adapters, Agent, Cloud, Connection, Database, Integration, Mapping, Orchestration, PaaS, REST, SOAP, xml 
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    Downtime Handling in OIC
    We encountered intermittent connection (2-3 minutes of random downtime) in OIC



    We encountered intermittent connection (2-3 minutes of random downtime like service not accessible) with OIC, which happens a couple of times in a week. It may not sound a big deal, but this is concerning on a production system, that some integrations are unavailable on that instance (especially there are activities triggered).

    Aside from having error handling (integration level), can you suggest how to handle OIC downtime? I can see there's a 'Load Balancer' for every OIC service, any idea how to leverage on this context?


    Appreciate your inputs on this.






    • Binu Anand

      Hi ,

        Can you give more details about the error that you get trying to access the integration ? Is there an Sr raised for thee downtimes , if not can you raise the same ?



      • Moon Ray Lo

        Hello Binu,


        The error encountered is mostly inaccessible OIC console (http error like "authorization required" or "not available" in browser) or integrations unavailable when external calls are done (SoapUI, Postman, etc). I also tried to access the identity cloud console during that time to do healthcheck but unavailable to access in browser as well.


        I planned to raise an SR when the issue persist or recur (luckily no activities during that downtime), but for now, I would appreciate inputs how to handle or catch this "random, short" downtime in OIC and execute proactive defense.




        • Laurie Katz

          I had similar issues with inaccessible OIC dashboard and the Cloud Service dashboard for six days this past week, but it wasn't random short periods to my knowledge. I opened 2 SRs and they never found the problem. It just started working again. Login was hanging after authentication from three different browsers.

          Maybe there was some larger issue with resources recently, but this is a very difficult situation for production systems and integration development/test/release deadlines.