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    Ekansh Jain
    On the Fly Item creation while creating Sales Order
    Topic posted April 17, 2019 by Ekansh JainBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Global Order Promising, Order Management, Order Management Analytics, SCM 
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    On the Fly Item creation while creating Sales Order
    On the fly/Special/On-off item creation while creating Sales Order


    Our client is looking for functionality to create the item while creating the Sales Order. Also, our client will use the 

    Therefore, Oracle has provided one solution which is a workaround.

    1. First, create a dummy item into PDH (PIM) - for example, Special Item
    2. Use this dummy item while creating the sales order and search it and add it into Sales Order. Please note that this is just dummy item and will not have any on hand qty
    3. As per Oracle now we can define DFFs at Oracle line level which will capture the attributes and information related to Item
    4. After that Webservice will be called to create item into PDH (PIM)
    5. Now, those web service will create item into PDH which can in turn also add the newly created item again into the same Sales Order line.

    Please let me know if this is a really feasible solution. Also, if by any chance we will be able to add the item back to Order lines then what will happen to the Dummy item line which is already available at Order entry line?

    I have a recording of the Oracle demo session which I can share for your ready reference.





    • Pavan Pemmaraju

      Hi Ekansh,


      My Understanding is middleware tool will automatically create revision for Sales Order with new line added and cancelling the old line automatically.


      Best Regards,