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    Durgaprasad Mohapatro
    Streamline project invoice to receivables
    Topic posted October 15, 2019 by Durgaprasad MohapatroGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Project Billing & Revenue, Project Contracts 
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    Streamline project invoice to receivables

    Hi All,

    I am looking to create a streamlined PPM to AR process as below. Kindly share your advise and thoughts for how to achieve this.

    So, I will be creating a job set and scheduling the below ones. But please let me the feasibility of this.

    1. Automatically release all approved invoices with current date (I believe there is a REST API, but is it going to release with sysdate? and Can we schedule this as a process?)
    2. Automatically Transfer all released invoices to AR (Standard Transfer to AR process is available, Need to run for each BU, without any other parameters)
    3. Automatically Import all transferred invoices to AR (Standard Autoinvoice process is available)
    4. Automatically Confirm the tie back from AR (Standard tie back process is available)





    • Mohan M N

      Hi Durgaprasad,

      I had raised an SR for something similar about a year back to check whether this is feasible. But, at that point in time, I was told that a job set across application is not supported. So, we will not be able to combine the PPM jobs with AR jobs (which is Import Autoinvoice) in the same set. I dont remember seeing any new feature to enable this in any of the latest releases. So, I am assuming, it is still not supported.



      • Durgaprasad Mohapatro
        Thank you very much, Mohan. It is a very important piece of information. Let me check further on this. Meanwhile, let's hope someone from Oracle PD can clarify this. Regards, Durga
      • Durgaprasad Mohapatro

        Hi Mohan,

        Found a Doc "Creating Job Set In Fusion For Executing ESS Processes (Doc ID 1560915.1)", which was updated in May,2019.

        It is mentioning an enhancement For jobs from different applications there is an enhancement request BUG 17271935 - JOBSETS THAT HAVE JOBS WITH DIFFERENT EXT_PORTLETCONTAINERWEBMODULE

        Seems like, this is still not been implemented.



    • Janelle Azimullah

      Its a real shame that a job set cannot be created for this. Suggest you raise it as an Idea and I'll happily vote for it.

    • Rajesh Choudhary

      From Release 13 onwards, new setup tasks are available and it will be possible to create a job set with jobs from multiple applications. You can follow the below steps

      1. Navigate to Setup and Maintenance page and search “Manage Enterprise Scheduler Job Definitions and Job Sets for Financial, Supply Chain Management, and Related Applications” in the search box and navigate to the task
      2. Navigate to “Manage Job Sets” (third tab) and click Create.
      3. Enter the required details to create Job Sets, the below details can be used:
        2. Display Name: Custom Invoice Processing Job Sets
        3. Description: Custom Job Set for executing Transfer Invoice Details to Receivables and AR Import AutoInvoice
        4. Package: projects/billing/ (This is a custom path of this job and this folder is created in /oracle/apps/ess/custom)
      4. Click on Create icon to add Steps in the Job Set, the below steps/jobs needs to be used:
        1. Step 10: InvoiceGenerationJob
        2. Step 20: ArInterfaceJob
        3. Step 30: AutoInvoiceImportEss
        4. Step 40: TiebackInvoiceJob
      5. Scroll over to the “System Properties” of the Job Set and enter the below details and Click OK
        1. Name: SYS_effectiveApplication
        2. Type: String
        3. Initial Value: FscmEss
      6. Click on Save and Close on the Job Sets screen, it should save the new job set to help achieve the requirement.

      Do let us know if you need more information.