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    Willie Eide
    WANTED: 6-10 Customers willing to assist in next generation...
    Topic posted January 24, 2017 by Willie EideGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited January 24, 2017 
    WANTED: 6-10 Customers willing to assist in next generation Customer Portal

    Are you opinionated?
    Would you like to give some feedback (short survey) to Product Managers with regards to the next generation of Customer Portal?

    This inquiry is not a "feature request" - we are still monitoring the Idea Lab and thus any new feature ideas should be logged in that forum area.

    Some of the questions that I am looking to ask and find answers are:

    • What type of customer are you? (i.e. partner, company employee)
    • What is your technical background?
    • What is your position?
    • How do you use customer portal?
    • What version are you currently on?
    • What are your CP goals?

    Those are just some of the questions I would like to ask some of you who volunteer to be part of this effort. Please PM me (not reply to this post) to be included. I may not be able to take eveyone who wants to be involved, but I will try to select a good cross-section of customers to gain valuable insight.

    Thank you.

    Willie Eide - Product Manager
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