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    sameer ashturkar
    How to customize the template or contents of Supplier...
    Topic posted April 6, 2019 by sameer ashturkarBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited April 7, 2019, tagged Customization, Setup 
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    How to customize the template or contents of Supplier contact user account creation Email.
    Supplier user contact receive two email when account get created

    Hi All,


    Could you please guide on as how to customize Email notification Template /Contents which get generated/receive with supplier contact creation.

    Currently, the Supplier contact receives 2 e-mails:
    1. an email with with their Username and temporary Password and (Welcome Email-- That I know how to do that)
    2. an email with the supplier contact information including roles and a hyperlink for access to the application. (Want to customize this)
    Please find attachment.