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    Joe Landers
    Deriving Business Intelligence through Service Cloud Value...
    Topic posted July 7, 2017 by Joe LandersBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited April 3, 2018 
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    Deriving Business Intelligence through Service Cloud Value Analytics - Analytics Cookbook Recipe...

    Deriving Business Intelligence through Service Cloud Value Analytics

    An Analytics Cookbook Recipe Group

    How do you measure success with your knowledgebase and end user activity on your site? Is your knowledgebase too dependent upon Search? Is your customer enablement hindered by portal design? Is your knowledgebase consumption rate too low? How much effort is being exerted by your knowledgebase users? What is your knowledgebase satisfaction rate? What is your contact rate following knowledgebase consumption? How and where should your focus be when improving your answers? How can you aggregate all feedback by answer in order to improve content? What are your top contact reasons? Are you able to drill down far enough into contact reasons to understand where knowledge content is needed? What is your channel mix? For those using Guides, what is your success rate with Guided Assistance? Which Guides are leaders, which are laggards?

    Some of these questions you may have thought about already and have an answer for. Some of them you may not have considered before. Others you may have never thought of. For answers to these questions and more, check out the below Analytics Cookbook additions.The intent behind each and every one of these is to better understand your customer experience, gain insights into origins of operating expense, and chart course to improve both.

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    Report Recipe Description Chef (Author) Level
    Usage Summary High level usage patterns of customer portal, desktop and knowledge Joe Landers  Beginner
    Knowledgebase Performance Operational view of how knowledge is performing at the enterprise level Joe Landers  Beginner
    Answer Effectiveness - Macro View Aggregate view of your KB performance Joe Landers  Beginner
    Answer Effectiveness - Micro View Performance of individual answers Joe Landers  Beginner
    Contact Reasons Incident count by highly detailed contact reasons Joe Landers  Beginner
    Channel Distribution Channel mix over time Joe Landers  Beginner
    Channel Distribution By Interface Channel mix by business unit (interface) Joe Landers  Beginner
    Knowledge Consumption - By Interface Charting the propensity of portal visitors to consume knowledge, by interface Joe Landers  Beginner
    Guided Assistance Performance Enterprise performance of Guided Assistance over time Joe Landers  Beginner
    Guided Assistance Effectiveness - By Guide Individual performance of each Guide Joe Landers  Beginner
    Feedback on Answer Details Direct end user feedback regarding how to improve answers Joe Landers  Beginner


    • Danette Beal


      This is fantastic!! Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute to our Analytics Cookbook. I can't wait to dive in and start consuming this reporting!!


      Danette, Community Manager

    • Ammar Aldaffaie

      WOW, this is amazing, in fact, I activated the Document rating widget on our customer portal 2 days ago to get all that feedback.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to provide all this great info!

    • Simon Kilgarriff

      Getting the knowledgebase working well is absolutely key so the more useful reports to help the better!   Thanks for sharing Joe.

    • Danielle Brackett

      Loving the Guided Assistance Effectiveness by Guide.  Thank you so much!

    • Adam Yavner

      Looks like a lot of great stuff, will be sending my customers to this page (to consume and contribute!)




    • Varun Srinivasan

      This is wonderful update that we can use and send to our customers. Thank you very much. 



    • CherylK

      This is great! Thank you so much. We haven't spent a lot of time creating reports for KB consumption and this really gives us a starting point. 

    • Luis Melo

      This is great stuff! It really helps us get our heads around the various tools / options we have at our disposal in the community and elsewhere.

    • Joe Landers

      A related post that folks may find helpful: Understanding Your Knowledge Base Performance

    • Jess Campbell

      This is an a=insane amount of data! Don't show my boss!

    • CorineMc

      I cannot wait to get these reports up and running!

    • Melissa Riley @ESG

      Joe these are so helpful thank you!

    • Andrew Wooster

      Very helpful, thank you!

    • Colin Campbell

      Knowledge is often overlooked, it is good to see these reports to help keep it fresh and relevant!

    • JustRhianna

      I know a lot of customers that have been asking for more knowledge reports. I particularly like the Answer feedback by answer. I think the only think I would add to that is a level above it with a graph showing the count of feedback per Answer so that one could determine which ones are getting the most interaction. This could tell you many things a few examples include: it needs a lot of work, someone has been ignoring it, or its one of your top answers and needs to be fixed.


      I also like the Knowledge consumption by interface. This is a solid report if you need to know which interfaces are being used. Especially if you support different countries in these interfaces. It gives you a view of the types of things that are important to people in other countries or business units.