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    Mahesh Kumar
    Cloud Supply Planning to EBS Integration CHALLENGE
    Topic posted November 13, 2019 by Mahesh KumarGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud, Supply Planning Cloud 
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    Cloud Supply Planning to EBS Integration CHALLENGE
    Cloud Supply Planning to EBS Integration CHALLENGE

    We are building an Outbound integration from Cloud Planning to Oracle EBS 12.2.6.

    As part of this, we are trying to download the Release To External Source files from UCM account by using this web service getDocumentsForFilePrefix
    But we are unable to segregate the XML file with the real planning recommendation file (zip file) which is having Work order or PO Details.
    Consequently, we are unable to automate the release process to EBS to create a work order and purchase requisitions.

    Please confirm if I am using the right web service or please let me know if somebody has done this and has code ready for this.
    I highly appreciate your quick response on this.

    Thank you.

    Cloud Supply Planning 19D



    • Scott Malcolm

      Hi, can I ask why you are doing this instead of using the integration back to EBS provided by Oracle?

      • Mahesh Kumar

        Hi Scott,

        We need these files(zip file - zip file has csv file) from Cloud back in EBS to create the Work Order and Purchase Requisitions in EBS.


        Hi Scott,

        Can you give some more information about Oracle provided Fusion SCP Cloud - Supply Planning to EBS 12.1.3 Integration?

        I am looking for solution for:

        When user/planner releases Planned Order Recommendation from Fusion SCP Cloud - Supply Planning, It will create PO/PR/WO on EBS 12.1.3

        (Is any "ready to use" seeded integration available that transfer zip file from cloud UCM server to EBS FTP server and "Import Supply chain planning Cloud recommendations" concurrent request run automatically when ever the "" file loaded to FTP server.


        Please suggest if any "ready to use" seeded integration solution provided by Oracle for above case

    • Scott Malcolm

      The documentation for both EBS 12.1.3 and 12.2.6 integration are posted here in this forum. Search for whitepapers with keyword integration and they show up

      • Abhishek Sharma

        Hi Scott,

        We have already gone through this doc and as per that there is one manual step to download the release file from cloud and manually upload to EBS and run legacy load.

        We want to eliminate this additional step since planners won't be doing this manually every time they release recommendations. 

        Did we have any other option to automate this? Mahesh is trying to download this file programmatically from cloud using oracle provided webservices, however we are not able to decrypt this nor we get a physical file but just the encrypted body. Any clue on this?


        Abhishek Sharma

    • Krushna Sahoo


      We had implemented outbound integration automation (SP Cloud to EBS) through same ERP Integration Service Cloud web service to download ReleaseToExternal_*.zip files from UCM to EBS, then upload that zipfile as is to EBS using > Legacy Systems > Collect Flat File Data Self Service con req.


    • Mahesh Kumar

      Hi All,

      This has been resolved.

      I am uploading the class file which will download the zip files from cloud and store it on EBS application server.

      Thank you.