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    Ravi Vallabhaneni
    Install Error for Data Visualization Machine Learning...
    Topic posted September 20, 2018 by Ravi Vallabhaneni, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Analysis, Machine Learning 
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    Install Error for Data Visualization Machine Learning (DVML)
    Unable to reach

    'Install DVML' is unable to reach the but when I do it in browser it works fine.

    I even downloaded the file but its not opening. Any other way to install DVML






    • Philippe Lions

      Ravi, can you confirm your machine able to access the internet while you are running this install ?

    • Ravi Vallabhaneni

      Hello Philippe,

      Yes, the machine is connected to internet. I can browse and well as go to the following site in web browser

      I tried downloading the  but it gives an error.





    • Joseph Kuttikat

      Looks like some issue with the proxy setting. Open your system proxy settings and try enabling "automatically detect settings" as well as "use automatic configuration script". If you are on VPN, try outside of VPN. 


    • Ravi Vallabhaneni

      Its installed on my company desktop. I dont think the company uses VPN. 

      Should I reach out to Network/Security team to see something can be done with respect to proxy setting in that desktop. Its a windows 7 Enterprise desktop.

      I opened an Oracle SR also but all they have told till now is install DVD directly on C: and not use Program Files and then install DVML. It did not work and got the same error while trying to install DVML.