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    t sethi
    how to programatically train the bot when the specific...
    Topic posted September 19, 2018 by t sethi, last edited September 25, 2018 by Arijit ChakrabortyBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Bots, OMCE, Tip 
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    how to programatically train the bot when the specific intents are not defined?
    how to programatically train the bot when the specific intents are not defined?

    I need to know how we can train the bots in MCS if there are no intents defined for that bot, so that the bot can fetch information at run time and provide an answer to it

    Mobile Cloud Enterprise Version 18.2.3



    • Martin Jarvis

      Hi, We do not currently support programatically training the bot. You must train the bot through the UI. Simply creating an intent with a few utterances would not be enough to automatically combine the intent into the conversation flow. Perhaps you should be thinking about making your APIs richer so that an existing intent with a set of entities can give you they flexibility you are looking for.


    • t sethi

      Thanks Martin for the response. However when we say the bot is intelligent , how will bot learn at runtime. What we will have to do to make bot learn at learn time and inference based on the failure to resolve to intent.

      Can we add utterances to Intent dynamically?

    • Martin Jarvis
      It’s “Intelligent” because it uses AI and machine learning for NLP, not simply relying on string matching or menus. 
    • Frank Nimphius


      With "Insights" that is going to be added this year, you can look at bot analytics for utterances not understood by the bot and then - with a single button click - add to the model. Today, to add utterances, you would use the Quality Reports for a bit or just add the utterances on the dashboard. CLI tooling is coming too.