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    Nicole Fryer
    Grouping Filters in OBIEE
    Topic posted January 27, 2016 by Nicole FryerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Customizing Reports, OBI Answers, Report Layouts, Report Output 
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    Grouping Filters in OBIEE
    I'm trying to group criteria together using 'AND' and 'OR' but not having any luck.

    I'm rebuilding a report in OBI that we currently use in BO and not able to organize my filters the same way in OBI.  Has anyone had any luck using the 'AND' and 'OR' operators to organize/group your filters? The image below is from BO and how I was able to organize the different groupings of filters.

    The different groups should be separated by 'AND' and the entire list of filters collectively have 'OR' on the outside of the group.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you!






    • Krisana (Serena) Tantivitoon

      Hi Nicole,

      I think this should be posted in "Enterprise Reporting and Analytics" for TEE Reporting/Analytics/BI. If you concur, I will move it for you. Let me know.


    • Kiran Shenvi

      Hi Nicola,

      This is simple if we follow in line.

      1. Drag all the conditions together

      2. Start clicking on the AND operator on each of the conditions which we need in one group.

         All will be get aligned one under the other.

      3. Change the 'OR' operator to 'AND' by double clicking on it.

      4. Now click on each smaller group and use the 'Ungroup' option to realign as one block.

      5. In the end, change the middle AND to OR

      I have attached the .catalog file for the conditions shown in your BO Report. You can export it back to your zone and modify it further.

      Also attached image showing the instructions for grouping in OBI.

      Hope this helps. :-)


      Kiran Shenvi





      We need to double click on the AND operator which gets formed on 


      • Nicole Fryer

        Thank you so much - I have tried doing this and the groups won't stay together.  I will try to do this again.