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    Sid Tripathy
    eBS API Request Payload Mapping
    Topic posted May 9, 2017 by Sid TripathyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited May 19, 2017 
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    eBS API Request Payload Mapping
    eBS API Request Payload Mapping


    We are trying to map our request payload from REST end point which is used as the Invoke in this integration to an eBS Adapter endpoint which is used as a Trigger. But we can’t see any elements under the RESTHeader node in the eBS API Request Payload.

    We have completed rest of the mapping but still ICS wont let us complete the Integration. It keeps suggesting to map the request payload.

    Any ideas/directions would be appreciated.

    Attached screenshots.



    • Rakesh Soniuk


      Have you added Tracking fields. Without tracking fields, the integration status remains under 100.

      Please check first tracking fields.



    • Rekha Ayothi


      Can you send screenshots of ICS integration, Trigger and Invoke selections?



    • John Graves

      I assume you've tried to just map the top level RESTHeader...

      You should also be able to click on the RESTHeader on the EBus side and do a manual mapping.

      It is odd that you say ICS won't let you continue without this mapping.  Is this a runtime or design time error.  Will you please post the error message?


    • Sid Tripathy

      Tracking fields are enabled. Please refer the new screenshot doc.

    • Sid Tripathy

      eBS API Request Payload Mapping - 2.docx is attached

    • Sid Tripathy

      eBS API Request Payload Mapping - 2.docx is attached for your refrence

    • Sid Tripathy

      I could now complete the integration to 100% and stuck at activating the integration. Integration "SYNCEMPTOEBS | 1.0" cannot be activated. Incident has been created with ID 8. [Cause: ICS-20575] Integration "SyncEmptoeBS" cannot be activated because of an internal error. Incident has been created with ID: 8. CASDK-0005: A connector specific exception was raised by the application. The reference {}RESTHeader in the XML Schema references a type or element that is not defined. Can you please advise.