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    Update 19D Bug Fix: Clicking Top Category Item with 1...
    Topic posted October 11, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Requisition Processing, Tip 
    Update 19D Bug Fix: Clicking Top Category Item with 1 Punchout / Smart Form / Info Catalog should navigate to the item
    Fixed the issue of navigation when only 1 item exists in Top Category to navigate directly to that item

    Customers / Support

    This issue has been discussed on this forum previously where a customer had pointed this behavior change after updating to 19C. We have taken note and fixed the navigation issue.


    If the Top Categories region has entries for items and clicking the item will only result in one entry that is available, the system was still navigating the user to Search Results. This caused additional and redundant clicks to navigate to the specific item.


    The navigation issue was fixed to reduce / eliminate redundant clicks. If there is only 1 item (Smart Form / Punchout / Information Template), then clicking the entry will navigate the user directly to that item.