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    Swami Amajala
    Ability to default Item Standard Cost as Unit Price
    Topic posted September 4, 2018 by Swami AmajalaSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, FAQ, How-To, Internal Material Transfer, Requisition Processing, Setup 
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    Ability to default Item Standard Cost as Unit Price
    Ability to default Item Standard Cost as Unit Price

    We have a requirement to capture requests for using items that are stocked in our warehouses for R&D, Internal testing or Trade shows etc. Such requests need to go through multiple approvals before they can be fulfilled.

    On reviewing the available options we planned to process such requests as "Purchase Requisitions" using Self Service Procurement where we use supplier as *** Internal. Approved requisition is then converted as an Expense order in OM cloud to schedule, plan and fulfill from the warehouse where the product is stocked.

    For this process we require the unit price on the requisition to default as Item Standard Cost. Please advise if there are any options to do this.

    NOTE: We don't want to use the option of updating List price in Item Validation Org with Item Standard Cost as that will be maintainence intensive and could cause problem with the true external PO pricing with the supplier.

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    • Ashok

      Unless i am missing something and you can clarify that, have you reviewed the Transfer Pricing functionality. That feature should allow you to define how to get transfer price defined. It applies to what are termed internal items.

      • Swami Amajala


        Thanks for the response. We are processing Purchase Requisitions, not Internal Material Transfers. My understanding is we can leverage Transfer Pricing for transfers between orgs but not for external Purchase Requisitions.

    • Ashok


      Yes, that is why i was asking for a clarification. You are correct, as I indicated, Transfer Pricing is for internal items. I was previously trying to ascertain whether that scenario of creating internal items made sense for you. It sounds like you are saying it does not. 

      Using a standard cost price derivation for a master item for purchase requisitions is not currently supported.

      But like you are probably also interested, let's see if other customers have any inputs here.