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    keerthi P
    Unable to delete pending tasks in OFSC
    Topic posted November 1, 2017 by keerthi PSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    Unable to delete pending tasks in OFSC


    We are now dealing with multi day tasks, which can have more than 1 segment. I observed that when i delete pending activities, OFSC deletes it from that particular date and re-creates another segment in the following day.

    Is there a specific procedure we have to follow to delete multi day activities? Please suggest.

    Thank you


    OFSC 17.2



    • Shankar Narayanan

      Hi, Did you try using the delete activity API ( )

      I dont see any condition which tells it wont work for multi day activity


    • keerthi P

      Hi Shankar,

      I tried this approach and found it not working. I feel it is actually cancelling and re-creating the segments but not deleting as how it works for single day tasks.

      so, looking to understand if there is any other approach to deal with multi day tasks.

      Thank You