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    ramamoorthy kalyanasundaran
    How to validate Supplier Sites while creating requstion
    Topic posted April 30, 2019 by ramamoorthy kalyanasundaranBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    How to validate Supplier Sites while creating requstion
    1. The requirement is  user should not select some sites (Pay on receipt flag enable sites) in  Fixed price services requisitionIs there any to stop or giving the error message ?



    • Ashok

      No. That is not supported.

    • ramamoorthy kalyanasundaran

      HI Ashok

      Can we do through groovy scriptt? by using DFF ?



    • Ashok

      Nothing out of the box that I am aware of. You may need to explore a consulting solution. Perhaps other customers have experiences to share? It sounds as though you want the system to know that the site selected on the requisition line has Pay on Receipt enabled and therefore not allow it to submit for approval. I initially thought perhaps introducing an approval rule but supplier site attributes are not available. What is the business requirement? I can't glean much from that one sentence. If you have more details to share, let me know.