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    Kelly Cooper
    SCM – Supplier Onboarding: Deep Dive and Best Practices, 2...
    Topic posted November 14, 2019 by Kelly CooperGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged FAQ, How-To, Setup, Supplier Communication, Supplier Creation, Supplier Merge, Supplier Registration, Tip 
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    SCM – Supplier Onboarding: Deep Dive and Best Practices, 21 November 2019, 9 a.m. PT - Submit Questions

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    • Alison Besley

      In a regulated environment we don't just need suppliers to register in the cloud but to also provide details through questionnaires for us to assess their businesses to a greater extent before they can be approved to do business. What best practice approaches can you share for this level of onboarding.

      FYI The questionnaires are being managed through the SQM module as initiatives. 

    • Puneet Pareek

      What are the ways to streamline End to End Vendor Onboarding process ? Suppliers having access to Supplier Portal tend to make lot of mistakes while registering themselves on the isupplier portal; what are the ways to minimize/reduce such issues apart from training them ? What are the best industry practices to perform Approvals on supplier onboarding by leveraging the workflows present in oracle cloud (Procurement/Finance Department Approvals) ? Is there a way to let a group of people or a user know that a given supplier registration has been completed and new requisition/po's can be issued for that particular supplier ?


      Puneet P

    • Kartik Banota

      What are the ways in which supplier relationship can be maintained? Currently there is option of having potential and spend authorized suppliers in the system. What if the business also includes and considers other stages, like an extended trial period, which considers a lot of control factors like PO, material quality, rate and date. What are the business practices around this, and how can custom needs be catered to at the time of supplier onboarding.

    • Muhammad Bilal

      do we need supplier portal for supplier online registration and required document upload ? or we can use this option with Cloud Purchasing. 

    • Santosh Kale

      Good Day Bilal,

      You do not require supplier portal to register for an supplier (External Registration), you just need to send the url from "Setup and Maintenance > Purchasing > Procurement Foundation  > Configure Procurement Business Function > "Prospective Supplier Registration URL" or "Spend Authorized Supplier Registration URL"..

      Supplier can open the link at his end which will open a web page and he can fill in the details.


      Thanks and Regards

      Santosh Kale


      • Muhammad Bilal

        Thanks Santosh,

        This what we are looking for .. is there any option once the supplier registered Finance user will get notification or approval option in order to review and confirm.