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    Rajat Kumar
    Populating a table using REST endpoint in VBCS Classic...
    Topic posted October 23, 2018 by Rajat KumarGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged JET, REST, Services, UI 
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    Populating a table using REST endpoint in VBCS Classic Application
    Populating a table using REST endpoint in VBCS Classic Application


    Is there a way to populate a table data using an external REST service endpoint in VBCS Classic Application. I have created a Classic Application using one of the standard template available. Post that I am trying to create table on a page. My requirement is to populate the table from the response from an external REST endpoint but I see option to only select a Business Object instead.





    • Shay Shmeltzer

      At this stage we recommend you won't start new applications with VBCS Classic and focus any further development on using the Visual Apps.

      Is there anything specific that you are missing in visual apps to create your app?

      Access to REST services is much simpler and declarative in visual apps.

      In the old classic apps you needed to create BOPs:

      • Rajat Kumar

        Thanks for your inputs Shay. I was able to achieve the desired functionality through your blog.

        We are currently trying to compare both the visual apps and the VBCS Classic for developing our custom UI. The OOB provided templates for the VBCS Classic tempted us to start using it for our application as it will be comprising of multiple pages. Nothing specific though. 

        Is it not a good idea to go with VBCS classic. Also one more query, is it possible to somehow import the same templates provided by VBCS Classic and then use it in the visual apps.