Policy Automation for B2C Service

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    Davin Fifield
    How are customers using Oracle Policy Automation...
    Topic posted August 26, 2015 by Davin FifieldGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited September 23, 2015 
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    How are customers using Oracle Policy Automation (OPA)?

    The top question I hear from customers is “Where can OPA provide the most value to my organization?”.  Oracle Policy Automation is well-suited for simple to complex customer service scenarios. It brings agility and transparency to personalized self-service advice, decisions, recommendations and more. OPA interviews provide personalized online guidance that can be deployed across multiple channels, including on mobile devices.

    OPA can be used to answer questions like these:

    • Can I exchange this product? 
    • Do I qualify for a refund?
    • What is the cost of my insurance?

    Want to know how OPA applies to your industry?  See the attached presentation, which has many examples including links to online sites and demonstration projects. 



    • Harriet Franklin

      Great examples, Davin !

    • Erica (Leep) Anderson

      There are a lot of gems, by industry, in the attachment Davin provided. You can jump to see common uses cases in different industries by downloading the PDF and jumping to the page number listed below.

      Industry Examples

      Higher Education - pg. 8
      Financial Services - pg. 10
      Insurance - pg. 12
      Healthcare - pg. 14
      Media and Entertainment - pg. 16
      Retail - pg. 18
      Telecommunications - pg. 20
      Utilities - pg. 22
      Automative - pg. 24
      Manufacturing - pg. 25
      Technology - pg .26
      Travel and Transport - pg. 28
      Oil and Gas - pg. 30
      Government - pg. 31

      HCM - pg. 34
      ERP - pg. 36
      Customer Experience - pg. 38