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    Duygu Becermen
    Maximum number of dimension members allowed in each...
    Topic posted November 14, 2017 by Duygu BecermenRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Dimensions 
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    Maximum number of dimension members allowed in each dimension
    Maximum number of dimension members allowed in each dimension

    With the November release, we are informed that FCCS will provide limits on the maximum number of dimension members allowed in each dimension. In the latest Webex session, it was stated that these limits will be documented in the Admin Guide. When I checked the guide today (14/11/2017), I am not able to see the limits for any of the dimensions. I recall finding them in the previous version of the document but cannot find them now. These limits are quite important for our designs and clients immediately ask the limitation. Is there another document that we can get this information from?

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    • Rich Wilkie

      The point of the limits is to ensure that applications perform at an acceptable performance level . We have analyzed all the customer applications and know that the limits affect just a handful.  We are working with those designs to help optimize where possible. 

      We are always working to expand the performance and scalability of the product (17.11 has increased performance as one example) so publishing limits doesn't make sense as they are very fluid. Our advice is to design an application based on customer needs and check with us if you sense any "outlier" type situations. 

      We should also be posting a Performance/Scalability document in early 2018 which should also help with application designs.