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    Joel Grocock
    BIEE to OAC migration scripting
    Topic posted July 29, 2019 by Joel Grocock, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Reporting 
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    BIEE to OAC migration scripting
    Is it possible to script or automate the migration of BIEE rpd files to OAC on a periodic basis?

    If changes are made relatively infrequently to a set of BIEE report definitions on premise.

    Would it be possible to automate or provide some form of script that could migrate the report definitions from BIEE to OAC on a predefined periodic basis?

    12.2.1 BIEE



    • Gianni Ceresa

      Technically speaking everything can be scripted (even if sometimes it just isn't worth it as the script take longer than doing things by hand).

      The ways to migrate things from OBIEE to OAC are documented and defined, the important part is more the process. OAC is "alive", things happen there, content can be created, edited or deleted. This is where periodic migrations generate issues: you migrate the RPD from your OBIEE to OAC, but between last migration and now somebody created a new model in OAC and your push of your OBIEE rpd not just deleted that.

      Based on the process you have in place in OAC for content creation you could have some possible ways of doing the job, it just heavily depends on what happen on your 2 systems.

      To go back to the script side, OAC is heavily REST service driven. Some documented, some not really, but if you want you can definitely reproduce your manual process of pushing your RPD to OAC by code.