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    Michael Bishop
    Automating Responses with Business Rules
    Topic posted July 20, 2016 by Michael BishopRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Automating Responses with Business Rules

    Hi everyone;

    Hope you can help.  

    Our support team is looking to create a series of auto response business rules based upon ticket status and severity level and need to build business rules to accomplish this task as we are a little stuck.

    Scenario - client contacts our support team via any channel, we send an outbound response. However the inquiry needs additional information from the client.  We plan on setting the status to pending client response, and designate the appropriate status level.

    After 24 business hours - we want to append a standard text response.  

    After 48 business hours (24 hrs after the first response) - we want to append another standard response.

    After 72 business hours (24 after the last response) - we want to append a final standard response then trigger the status to change to updated.  This will alert our support staff to personally re-engage our client.

    We've build out the standard texts, however were stuck at 2 points:

    • how to factor in time based email triggers
    • If we are able to based those time triggers on geographic location of the contact and/or simply by pass sending the automated responses on the weekend.


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    • Carl Elliott

      This is exactly what escalation rules are for,  see this article: 

      Two keep points, you can only have 1 escalation in play on an incident so you have to set the next escalation after the first one is triggered.   And escalations do not run on solved incidents.  

      You can base the timing on the Response Interval option which will takes into account your Working Hours.

      As for location you can check that as part of your condition but you would have to set up different rules for each one.