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    John Sturgeon
    Smart View access for non-power users
    Topic posted November 12, 2019 by John SturgeonRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Activity Based Costing, Allocations, PCM, SmartView, User Roles 
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    Smart View access for non-power users
    How to grant users and viewers access to PCM data within Smart View?

    We are rolling out our completed PCM implementation to our larger team, and trying to grant access to a group of individuals who should be able to view data via Smart View, but shouldn't have the ability to write rules in PCM, run the application, etc.

    We have tried granting these users both the "User" and "Viewer" roles within My Services, but then when connecting via Smart View they only see "#No Access" in each cell where data should be returned. Does anyone know how we can grant users read-only access to the data in the cube while not giving them admin or power user rights?

    Appreciate any insights you can share, thanks.




    • Alecsandra Mlynarzek

      Hi there John,

      I remember I had a similar issue about 2 years ago and the solution was to set up a data grant for the group on at least one dimension to enable read at top level. By default, the Viewer and User groups cannot see data unless you give them access to some area of the application.

      Kind regards,