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    Sandeep Kumar
    DFF for PO and AgreementAnswered
    Topic posted September 10, 2019 by Sandeep KumarSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Agreements, Orders 
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    DFF for PO and Agreement

    We have defined DFF for Purchase agreement but those are appearing on Purchase order also, we want to hide those DFF, how can I achieve this?



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    Boyuan Zhu

    Just open them up in page composer. 




      Hi Sandeep, 

      We can hide DFF on Purchase order, keeping DFF on Purchase Agreement by " Edit page" option through enabling Sandbox on purchase Order Page.


      Manage Sandbox -> Edit Page -> Select ->Additional information -> uncheck for Descriptive flexfield -> Apply -> Close Edit Page -> Publish Sandbox -> Logout and Login


      Refer attached screenshot. (DFF_hide_Sandbox.png)

      let me know if this work for you.



      Rohit Hatwar



    • Sandeep Kumar

      Thanks for the replied,

      but if I want to keep some attributes for Purchase order and some attributes for agreement and only relevant attributes should appear on the respective form, how can I achieve this



    • Boyuan Zhu

      Take a look at this post for general steps on how to change the visibility of segments. https://cloudcustomerconnect.oracle.com/posts/c9cb30b543

      You should be able to just set the segment visibility false for the given page, since orders and agreements use different pages. 

    • Sandeep Kumar

      which logic should i put to hide for standard purchase order and show for Blanket agreement

      provided document is saying this #{bindings.SoldToLegalEntityName.inputValue != 'Vision Operations' but what should i change to get it 




    • Boyuan Zhu

      I'm think you don't need any logic because you will configure separate pages for orders and agreements. So hiding it on one page shouldn't affect the other page. 

    • Sandeep Kumar

      How to configure separate page for purchase order and agreement, do we have any document

    • Boyuan Zhu

      Just open them up in page composer. 

    • Sandeep Kumar

      I enabled the sandbox for Purchase order and purchase agreement and customized, it's working