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    Paul White
    Looking to network with other B2B OSC users with Outside...
    Topic posted July 28, 2017 by Paul WhiteRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Core SFA, Customer Data Mgmt, Import/Export, Integration, Reporting and Analytics, Workflow 
    Looking to network with other B2B OSC users with Outside sales teams
    Looking to share best practices/tips/techniques

    We are in the early stages of rollout - effectively integrating OSC to our Contract Management System (think inhouse proprietary CPQ) has been a huge issue.

    We are now deploying Leads, Activities and Contacts on R11 including Outlook and Mobile and would love to learn and share with others that are doing/have done the same. To date it has been hard to casually find others that are really using these modules in a robust manner...

    Hopeful this posting will generate fruit.